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Hurricane Katrina Project

Longleaf Pine Project

Brown Pelican Project

Prescribed Fire Project

Projects and Services

Projects - Click on the highlighted link to see photographs from the projects.

  • Documentation of Hurricane Katrina damage beyond New Orleans.

  • Coverage of the capture and rehabilitation of brown pelicans contaminated by oil following a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Documentation of longleaf pine ecosystems in the southern United States. These diverse ecosystems are threatened by development, water diversion, resource exploitation, mismanagement and pollution. However, many longleaf pine ecosystems are being restored by public and private entities and several endangered species are making slow but steady progress towards recovery.

  • Documentation of prescribed fire management methods and results in longleaf pine and other ecosystems.

Services - Tom is available for assignments and co-operative projects with writers, landowners, field scientists and conservation organizations. He can travel to any part of the United States at virtually any time. See the Feedback/Contact page for contact information.

Tom will respond as quickly as possible to requests for stock images made via e-mail or phone. Images can be provided in various low to medium resolution digital formats or as high quality duplicates for review. Images selected for use can then be provided as originals or as high resolution digital files. Please see the Feedback/Contact page.



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