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Occasionally, Tom will post links to subjects of interest to him that web site users may also find interesting. Remember to bookmark the links of interest to you since they may eventually be removed from this page.

Private Land Conservation - Tom believes that private land conservation is one of the best ways to conserve habitat and bio-diversity. Support the Land Trust Alliance and it's member organizations.

Making Conservation and Nature Photography Pay - The Images for Conservation Fund is a new 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a revolutionary plan to preserve wildlife habitat, create economic growth through new opportunities in ecotourism, and popularize nature photography throughout North America.

Energy Conservation and Clean Air - Consider a hybrid car or other clean and energy efficient vehicle the next time you purchase a car. They're available (or will soon be available) from Honda (the Civic and Insight), Ford, Toyota, General Motors and Daimler-Chrysler.

Alien Invaders - We're under attack, or at least the habitat around us is under attack, by hundreds of alien and  invasive species of plants and animals. Many ecologists consider alien and invasive species to be one of the greatest threats to our environment. Click this link and the others to learn more about things like the Asian carp, purple loosestrife, Chinese tallow tree, zebra mussels and leafy spurge.

Grazing on Public Land - Vast tracts of public land are open to grazing. Much of the land and its water resources are being severely altered and damaged by grazing. Many conservationists and some ranchers are concerned about the continued subsidized use of a public resource for private gain, particularly when suitable private land is available for grazing. Learn more from the National Public Lands Grazing Campaign.

Nature Photography - If you're interested in nature photography as a hobby or if you're a photo professional (photographer, editor, publisher or digital lab technician), please consider joining the North American Nature Photography Association. Tom is a member and chairman of the Environment Committee.


Cranes - Tom is a "craniac". If you'd like to learn more about cranes, please visit and support the International Crane Foundation. Please also support the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership and Operation Migration in their efforts to re-introduce whooping cranes to the eastern United States.

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